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Brenni is a world renowned leader in empowering people to “create their universe” using ancient wisdom with modern day application.

Celebrated as the “Feng Shui Messenger”, Brenni rose from a dark period in her life, by shining light on her soul. As Brenni discovered her gifts for healing and guiding others, she found her mission to raise the vibration of the planet through the tools of Feng Shui and other ancient wisdom.

Brenni has built a global community centered around using spiritual and holistic tools to find your joy, and mission on earth. Supporting her community and bringing them the most powerful and relevant transformational modalities is Brenni’s passion.

Her energy and humor is infectious grounded by her open heart and genuine commitment to elevating consciousness and enhancing the lives of all people.

Focus 2015:  

  • Momentum Coaching [momentum-u]
  • Live Events [the 5-Elemental Cycles & Life]
  • Online Programs
  • FS-U Membership with James Jay

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